Gavin Millar QC scrutinises the election bill


Angled view of casting a vote

Gavin Millar QC has given expert evidence to the Public Bills Committee scrutinising the Elections Bill, stating that “The Bill ignores the other most urgent problem in our system, which is the lack of an effective regulatory and enforcement regime to ensure that foreign money and dark money do not enter our political system through donations to political parties”.

On the controversial proposal in the Bill to introduce compulsory photo ID to vote at polling stations he said: “The impact would be considerable…but I just have not seen the evidence…to justify this as an appropriate state interference with the right to vote…we have something like 17% of eligible voters not on the register, one wonders why our efforts are not being concentrated on voter registration measures—getting more people on to the register and facilitating them in voting—rather than making it more difficult…”

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