Extradition barred on specialty grounds and abuse of process


James Stansfeld, instructed by Fiona Haddadeen of Sonn MacMillan Walker, successfully represented Mr. V, whose extradition was sought for a second time by Lithuania.

He was first extradited in 2017 on two out of five possible offences. He was taken to Lithuania via Poland, but instead of transiting in Poland, he was detained for months and re-extradited on all five offences. After returning to the UK, Lithuania sought his extradition again.

Mr. V was discharged on multiple grounds, including s.17 specialty and abuse of process. In respect of specialty arrangements, DJ Branston concluded that “the failure [in 2017] was so overt and so blatant that it does…provide compelling evidence that there is likely to be such a failure in the future in relation to Mr. V”. Lithuania has not appealed.