Elizabeth Prochaska appears on the Today Programme to comment on coroner’s letter to Health Secretary


Elizabeth Prochaska appeared on the Today Programme on Friday 15 April to comment on the coroner’s letter to the Health Secretary warning that the NHS seems to be risking lives by rationing caesareans. The coroner was discussing the case he presided over last year regarding a woman whose son died five days after his birth. Tracey Taylor was advised to have a caesarean after complications with her first child however this was delayed and her son, Kristian, died as a result of brain damage during a ‘prolonged and extended delivery’. The report states that one of the reasons for the delay was the NHS’ reluctance in carrying out a caesarean due to the financial cost of administering them. Elizabeth commented that ‘whatever decision a woman makes has to be listened to and respected’. To listen to the full news programme please click here. For more news coverage please click here.