Edward Kemp delivers training on Pro Bono Costs Orders to Employment Judges


Photo by Joao Cruz on Unsplash

Edward Kemp is delivering training today on behalf of the Access to Justice Foundation (ATJF) on Pro Bono Costs Orders to East Midlands Employment Tribunal Judges in Nottingham.

Although s.194 of the Legal Services Act 2007 extended Pro Bono Costs Orders to include Tribunals in 2022, there still remains little awareness around Pro Bono Costs Orders.

Find out more about when Pro Bono Costs Orders are applicable in Tribunals by visiting ATJF’s website at https://atjf.org.uk.

Edward Kemp and Tom Gillie recently obtained a Pro Bono Costs Order in the Court of Appeal in Disclosure and Barring Service v RI [2024] EWCA Civ 95; [2024] WLR(D) 57, CA