Discharge Secured in Two Romanian Extradition Cases


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Robbie Stern has successfully defended two requested persons sought by the Romanian judicial authorities.

In District Court in Bucharest v CB, the requested person’s extradition was sought following CB’s conviction for a drink driving offence committed in 2014. CB had moved to the UK in 2016; both before and after relocating he made persistent efforts to inform the Romanian authorities of his whereabouts. DJ Sternberg agreed with the defence submissions that in CB’s case, extradition (i) was barred due to passage of time and (ii) would be a disproportionate interference with CB’s rights to private and family life under Article 8 ECHR.

In Georgheni Court v ZS, the requested person’s extradition was sought in respect of eight separate convictions including a kidnapping offence committed in August 2016. The Romanian authorities failed to provide the Court with an assurance as to prison conditions, despite having been granted an extension of time. A further application for an adjournment was successfully contested and DJ King discharged the requested person on grounds that his extradition would constitute a breach of Article 3 ECHR.

Robbie Stern was instructed by JD Spicer Zeb (CB) and by Lewis Nedas Law (ZS).