Catrin Evans KC and Ian Helme represent claimants in class action against Grindr


Austen Hays, an affiliate of Gately Legal, has launched a class action against Grindr, the world’s largest LGBT+ dating app, on behalf of hundreds of UK users.

The claim alleges that Grindr breached data protection laws and misused private information by sharing sensitive data with third parties for commercial purposes without appropriate consent. The sensitive data in question is alleged to include information about users’ HIV status and sex life. The claim is focussed on the periods before 3 April 2018 and between 25 May 2018 and 7 April 2020.

Grindr has previously been fined by the Norwegian Data Protection Authority for contravening the GDPR in respect of similar data processing, and in July 2022 was issued with a reprimand by the UK ICO in respect of processing operations which were found to have infringed the UK GDPR.

Grindr has issued a statement in relation to the claim, stating that it will “respond vigorously” and that it “appears to be based on a mischaracterization of practices from more than four years ago”

Catrin Evans KC and Ian Helme are representing the claimants, instructed by Austen Hays.