Bulk personal data has been collected since the late 1990s by Britain’s intelligence agencies


Britain’s intelligence agencies have revealed that personal data has been collected on individuals since the late 1990s. The documents from MI5, MI6 and GCHQ were made public following a detailed disclosure process in the Investigatory Powers Tribunal.  They give a unique insight into how bulk personal data is stored and collected as well as showing how reliant these agencies are on using this information as a source of intelligence. It has been admitted that the practice of obtaining this information invades the privacy of individuals and that the information has been gathered on people who are ‘unlikely to be of intelligence or security interest’. The papers were disclosed before a substantive hearing in July 2016 at the Investigatory Powers Tribunal. That hearing will be held in public. Jonathan Glasson QC is counsel to the Investigatory Powers Tribunal. For more information see The Guardian and BBC.