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21 members appointed to the Equality and Human Rights Commission Panel

Related Member(s):
Danny Friedman QC, Dan Squires QC, David Wolfe QC, Helen Mountfield QC, Hugh Southey QC, Karon Monaghan QC, Nick Armstrong, Sarah Hannett QC, Chris Buttler QC, Zoë Leventhal, Claire Darwin, Raj Desai, Kirsten Sjøvoll, Ayesha Christie, Nathan Roberts, Eleanor Mitchell, Zoe McCallum, Mark Greaves

Congratulations to 21 members at Matrix who have been appointed to the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) panel of counsel.

Members that were appointed are:

  • Nick Armstrong
  • Chris Buttler
  • Ayesha Christie
  • Claire Darwin
  • Raj Desai
  • Emma Foubister
  • Danny Friedman QC
  • Mark Greaves
  • Sarah Hannett
  • Jessica Jones
  • Zoe Leventhal
  • Zoe McCallum
  • Eleanor Mitchell
  • Karon Monaghan QC
  • Helen Mountfield QC
  • Aidan O’Neill QC (England & Wales, and Scotland)
  • Nathan Roberts
  • Kirsten Sjovoll
  • Hugh Southey QC
  • Dan Squires QC
  • David Wolfe QC