Meet some of our members and staff as they discuss topics of interest, including the history of Matrix, current legal issues and their work some of our key practice areas.

Alex Bailin QC on Trial by Jury in Fraud Cases

Alex Bailin QC discusses his view on the use of juries in fraud cases, and advocates for a constitutional right to trial by jury.

Alex Bailin QC


Claire Darwin on the Equality Act 2010

Claire Darwin explains the interrelationship between section 15 and section 20 of the Equality Act 2010, and discusses the recent decision of the Court of Appeal in Griffiths v Secretary of State for Work and Pensions ​​[2016] IRLR 216.

Claire Darwin


Nicholas Gibson on Telecommunications Law

Nicholas Gibson discusses his telecommunications practice and his work for BT in relation to the “VULA margin” and his recent case concerning the provision of super-fast broadband.

Nicholas Gibson


Sarah Hannett on the School Exclusion Project

Sarah Hannett considers the impact of school exclusion on students and her work with the School Exclusion Project to represent individuals challenging these decisions.

Sarah Hannett


Tamara Jaber on the Responsibility to Protect

Tamara Jaber discusses the concept and impact of the responsibility to protect in international law: the duty of states to act in situations of humanitarian crises.

Tamara Jaber


Clare Montgomery QC on the Law of Money Laundering in Hong Kong

Clare Montgomery QC discusses the law of money laundering in Hong Kong and its impact on individuals, particularly regarding the mental element of the offence of dealing with the proceeds of crime.

Clare Montgomery QC


Helen Mountfield QC on the Intersection Between Domestic and International Law

Helen Mountfield QC explains the intersection between domestic and international law and the role of the lawyer in explaining these issues in a case before a court.

Helen Mountfield QC


Rhodri Thompson QC on Competition Issues in Sports Law

Rhodri Thompson QC discusses his sports law experience relating to competition issues, including working for UEFA on third-party ownership disputes.

Rhodri Thompson QC


Hugh Southey QC on Criminal Record Checks

Hugh Southey QC discusses the impact of the case of R (on the application of) T v Chief Constable of Greater Manchester and others [2013] EWCA Civ 25, which held that the system for revealing the results of a historic criminal record checks was disproportionate.

Hugh Southey


Guy Vassall-Adams QC on the Open Justice Principle

Guy Vassall-Adams QC explains the recent development of the open justice principle, the principle that court proceedings should be public and free for the media to report on.

Guy Vassall-Adams QC