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Christian is Professor of International Law at the University of Glasgow and a qualified German lawyer (admitted in 2005). He specialises in international dispute settlement, notably inter-State litigation, investment disputes and questions of international sports law.

Over the past two decades, Christian has acted in cases before the International Court of Justice, the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea, the Iran-US Claims Tribunal and arbitral tribunals (PCA, ICSID, ICC). He has experience as counsel and expert witness, and he also sits on the appointment committee of the German Court of Arbitration for Sport. For notable cases please see Christian’s CV. In addition to contentious matters, Christian regularly advises governments and investors on a wide range of legal questions, including access to international courts, the domestic implication of treaties, the law of the sea, and the interpretation of bilateral investment treaties.

As a generalist international lawyer, Christian is able to situate disputes in specialised fields (investment, sports, state succession, boundary disputes, immunities, etc.) within the broader context of international law. He is able to work across practice areas to find solutions to cross-cutting disputes.

Christian has published widely on questions of international law and is recognised as an authority on international courts, State immunity, investment protection, as well as core areas such as the law of treaties and State responsibility. The Commentary on the Statute of the International Court of Justice (3rd edn., Oxford 2019), which he co-edits, is the leading guide to the law and practice of the World Court and has been described as a “monumental work“.   Other recent books include International Investment Law and the Global Financial Architecture (Elgar 2017), The UN Convention on Jurisdictional Immunities of States (Oxford 2014) and The Development of International Law by the International Court of Justice (Oxford 2013). Christian has held, or holds, visiting appointments at universities in Europe and overseas, incl. at Sciences Po Law School (Paris), the China-EU School of Law (Beijing), the University of Vienna (Austria) and the German Sport University (Cologne).

Christian is fluent in German and has a strong working knowledge of French. He has regularly been involved in bilingual (English-French) litigation before international courts.

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