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Booan is currently on long term leave and is not practising at the moment.

Booan has extensive experience in asylum and immigration law, with a particular interest in women’s issues. Her clients have come from many parts of the world and her cases have covered a diverse range of international, regional and cultural issues.

Previous experience has included many African cases: working with clients from Kenya, Sierra Leone, Algeria, Libya, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Somalia and Ethiopia. In the course of this work issues have included protection from Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) (See case of ‘M’ in P and M v SSHD [2004] Civ 1640) trafficking of women and minors and discrimination against homosexuals.

Asian cases: worked with clients from Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka and China. Issues have included domestic/gender violence cases and persecution on grounds of religion.

European cases: worked with clients from Russia, the Czech Republic, Romania and the Former Yugoslav Republics (FRY). Issues have included conscientious objection to war in Chechnya and women and minors fleeing sexual exploitation.

Middle Eastern cases: worked with clients from Iraq, Iran and Turkish Kurdistan and Palestine. Most Kurdish cases dealt with political persecution. Work with Iranian clients also included a number of cases dealing with ‘moral’ crimes such as adultery.

South America cases: worked with clients from Colombia and Ecuador.

Booan speaks fluent French.

Booan accepts instructions under Standard Contractual Terms, details of which can be found here.

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