Upper Tribunal allows appeal in relation to special education provision of speech and language therapy


Re: GK v North Somerset Council [2018] UKUT 259 (AAC)

This was an appeal centring on the making of special educational provision outside term time. The appellant brought the appeal on two grounds: 1) that the First-tier Tribunal had erred in determining that special educational provision (in this instance speech and language therapy) is limited to provision in term time and 2) the Tribunal also erred in failing to take proper account of the evidence before it as to the number of hours to be allocated to speech and language therapy reviews/reassessments.

The Upper Tribunal allowed the appeal on the basis that the First-Tier Tribunal failed to provide adequate reasons for its findings in respect of out-of-term-time special educational provision. Having found for the appellant on this basis, the Upper Tribunal did not go on to consider the second ground of appeal.

Aidan Wills was involved in this case.