The regime for dealing with private communications of those locating in the UK no longer contravened ECHR, arts 8 and 10


Re: Liberty & Ors v Secretary of State for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office & Ors [2015] UKIPTrib 13_77-H

The court held that prior to the disclosure made and referred to within the judgment, and that of 8 Dec 2014, the regime covering the soliciting, receiving, storing and transmitting by UK authorities of private communications of individuals located in the UK, which have been obtained by US authorities pursuant to Prism and/or Upstream, contravened arts 8 & 10. However, the court held that the regime now complied with arts 8 & 10.

Nick Armstrong, Edward Craven, Hugh Tomlinson QC, Tamara Jaber, Matthew Ryder QC and Dan Squires were involved in this case.