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Police powers to stop, detain, and search travellers incompatible with ECHR

R (Miranda) v Secretary of State for the Home Department [2016] EWCA Civ 6

Related Member(s):
Matthew Ryder QC, Dan Squires QC, Edward Craven, Alex Bailin QC, Ben Silverstone
Related Practice Area(s):
Civil Liberties and Human Rights, Public Law, Police Law, Media and Information Law

The appellant was detained by police at Heathrow, pursuant to Terrorism Act 2000, Sch 7, para 2(1), and had journalistic material taken from him. He argued that these powers were not used for permitted purposes and contravened ECHR, art 10. The court dismissed the appeal, but found that the stop powers were incompatible with art 10(2), when used for journalistic materials.

Matthew Ryder QC, Dan Squires, Edward Craven, Alex Bailin QC and Ben Silverstone were involved in this case.