Judicial Review of Electoral Commission decision on Vote Leave spending granted permission


Re: R (The Good Law Project) v Electoral Commission & Anor [2018] EWHC 602 (Admin)

The Good Law Project’s challenge to the Electoral Commission decision to allow Vote Leave Ltd to pay AggregateIQ Data Services Ltd £725,000, in excess of its referendum expenditure limit, was granted permission by the Divisional Court, with expedition. The payment was made for services allegedly provided to Darren Grimes and Veterans for Britain.

Permission was granted on one ground: whether the Electoral Commission should have concluded that Vote Leave incurred “referendum expenses” by making the payments to AIQ referred to, which Vote Leave failed to report in its return made under PPERA 2000, s 120. It is argued that the reason why the Electoral Commission has not drawn this conclusion is that it has misinterpreted and failed correctly to apply the relevant statutory provisions.

Jessica Simor QC was involved in this case.