High Court refuses significant part of amendment application


Re: Benyatov v Credit Suisse Securities (Europe) Ltd [2020] EWHC 3213 (QB)

This judgment, dealing with an amendment application made by the claimant, is the fourth instalment in an ongoing claim brought by Mr Vadim Don Benyatov, a former banker against his former employer, Credit Suisee, in respect of the consequences of his conviction in Romania while working for the bank there. His conviction prevented him from continuing to work as a financial professional and he is now seeking damages and indemnification from his employer for these losses.

The claimant sought to introduce a number of amendments to his Particulars of Claim, including new contract claims and “re-housing” the particulars from an RRFI. The defendant opposed some of the amendments on the basis that they had no real prospects of success and were insufficiently particularised.

The claimant’s application was in part refused and in part allowed. In particular, the new contract claims were refused and a number of further particulars were ordered to be provided in respect of the “re-housed” RRFI.

Emma Foubister and Paul Skinner were involved in this case.