Employment Appeal Tribunal provides first guidance on Rule 30A(3) of the Employment Tribunal Rules (Repeated Postponements)


Re: Ameyaw v Pricewaterhousecoopers Services Ltd [2021] UKEAT 2019-000480

Rule 30A(3) of the Employment Tribunal Rules only permits an Employment Tribunal to order a postponement on application by a party who has made two or more successful postponement applications if there are “exceptional circumstances” within 30A(3)(c) of the Employment Tribunal Rules.

In Ameyaw v PricewaterhouseCooper the Employment Appeal Tribunal held that the Employment Tribunal was entitled to find that the fact that the claimant had laryngitis and needed to rest her voice for a week did not amount to “exceptional circumstances”. Accordingly, the Employment Tribunal had not erred in refusing to grant a third postponement.

Claire Darwin was involved in this case.