Dubai International Financial Centre Court rules that the defendant had defrauded the claimant of sums equal to roughly $6 million


Re: GFH Capital Limited v David Lawrence Haigh [2014] DIFC CFI 020

The claimant alleged that the defendant, its former Deputy Chief Executive and the former Managing Director of Leeds United Football Club, defrauded it of sums equal to roughly $6 million.

After long running proceedings and a trial lasting three days, the DIFC Court held that the claimant’s case was made out; as a fiduciary, the defendant, when receiving such sums himself or for his benefit as payments to his order, held them on constructive trust for the claimant. The defendant’s defence lacked substance, and that the defendant’s allegations against the claimant were not evidenced and implausible. Further, the defendant had done his best to frustrate these proceedings from first to last and, given the end result, must pay the claimant’s costs on the indemnity basis.

Andrew Bodnar was involved in this case.