Defendant found in contempt by breaching injunction against the harassment of a judge


Re: Oliver v Shaikh [2020] EWHC 2253 (QB)

In December 2019 the High Court found that the Defendant was responsible for posting on various websites a vast amount of abusive and harassing material directed at the Claimant. The principal vehicle for this abuse was the website “Judges Behaving Badly”, which the Judge found was controlled by the Defendant. The Judge granted an injunction against the Defendant to restrain him from further harassing the Claimant. The injunction required the Defendant to remove material from the JBB Website and several other websites.

The Claimant contends that the Defendant has breached the injunction and that his breaches are continuing.

Held: the judge finds, to the criminal standard of proof, that the Defendant has breached the Injunction Order in respect of the breaches. A further date will be fixed at which the Court will consider the penalty to be imposed for the findings of contempt against the Defendant.

Ben Silverstone was involved in this case.


Please find full judgment here.