Defamation proceedings would only be stayed where European Parliament had formally informed court that it was considering issue of MEP immunity from suit


Re: Barron & Ors v Collins (2016)

The defendant, a UKIP MEP, sought to stay defamation proceedings against her, until the European Parliament had expressed its opinion on whether she was entitled to immunity as an MEP in this regard. Held: The court was only required to stay proceedings if it had been informed by Parliament, in line with Marra v De Gregorio. As no letter or communication had been received from Parliament as at the date of the Judgment, namely 16 May 2016,  the court was not obliged to stay proceedings.

(N.B that a communication was received from the EU Parliament pursuant to the Marra case the following day, after judgment, and so the proceedings were stayed on 17 May 2016.)

Gavin Millar QC and Sara Mansoori were involved in this case.