Court varies TPIM reporting and religious association measures in respondent’s favour


Re: SSHD v LF [2017] EWHC 2685 (Admin)

This case was a TPIM review hearing pursuant to the Terrorism Prevention and Investigation Measures Act 2011, s 9, on the conditions of LF’s TPIM. These measures constituted a “significant interference” with LF’s private and family life and the private and family lives of his family members and it was open to him to apply for a variation of those measures. The allegations of terrorism related activity against LF was that he was believed to be a senior member of a proscribed organisation (ALM) and that he had been involved in radicalising others through his preaching.

The Court ruled that the TPIM continued to apply subject to variations on the reporting and religious association measures. Laing J held that it was not necessary for the allegations of “terrorist related activity” used to justify a TPIM to constitute a criminal offence. Preaching that was not the criminal offence of “encouragement of terrorism” could still be “terrorist activity” for the purpose of a TPIM.

Dan Squires QC was involved in this case.