Appeals against EAW from German authorities dismissed


Re: Connor & Ors v Public Prosecutor’s Office Augsburg, Germany [2018] EWHC 829 (Admin)

This case involved three appeals against the decisions of District Judge Zani, given on 20 Dec 2017, in the Westminster Magistrates’ Court ordering the extradition of each of the three appellants to Germany.

The Court granted permission to appeal to all three appellants, but dismissed each appeal on the basis that each European Arrest Warrant (EAW) provided adequate particulars of the circumstances in which each appellant was alleged to have committed the offences included within the relevant EAW. Each appellant knew with ‘reasonably certainty’ what offence they were charged with, what they’re said to have done, “when and where the offences are said to have occurred, and the relevant provisions of German law said to constitute the offences”. Further, the particulars in each EAW had not ceased to be correct and the extradition of each appellant was thus appropriate.

Hugh Southey QC was involved in this case.