Appeal against extradition order to Hungary for blackmail offence dismissed


Re: Imre v District Court in Szolnok (Hungary) [2018] EWHC 218 (Admin)

This was an appeal by Imre against the decision by DJ Coleman dated 2 Jun 2017 which held that the European Arrest Warrant seeking his extradition to Hungary for a blackmail offence was valid.

The Court dismissed the appeal in light of the further information provided by the District Court. In deciding whether the EAW was valid the District Judge had considered whether extradition was compatible with Imre’s ECHR, art 3 rights and was satisfied by assurances from the Hungarian authorities that during any period of detention for the specified offence the appellant would be detained in conditions that guaranteed at least 3 m² of personal space. No argument was made about proportionality and none in regards to art 6.

Mark Summers QC was involved in this case.