Seeing Wood for the Trees: Corporate Regulation of Forest Risk Commodities

6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Hybrid Seminar
Matrix Chambers

As part of our ESG series, we are delighted to host this seminar in conjunction with Mighty Earth, to examine the practical and legal effects of the EU’s Deforestation Regulation (which came into force in June 2023) and the awaited UK legislation governing Forest Risk Commodities.

Although there are differences, both pieces of legislation will apply to certain UK businesses and prohibit the placing on the market of products that have been linked to or derived from deforestation. For example, leather used in the manufacture of car seats will be prohibited if derived from cattle that have been raised on deforested land. Affected companies potentially face substantial fines, confiscation of revenue and banning from public procurement for non-compliance.

​This seminar is aimed at UK regulatory and white-collar crime solicitors, academics and CSOs.

The panel discussion will be followed by networking drinks.


Jamas Hodivala KC

Alex Wijeratna – Senior Director at Mighty Earth

The session will be chaired by Jessica Simor KC

If you are interested in attending this event, please email rsvp@matrixlaw.co.uk

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