Rhodri Thompson QC wins debate on whether ‘Brexit’ would be bad news for London’s bankers and lawyers

On Wednesday 20 April, Rhodri Thompson QC took part in a debate hosted by Thomson Reuters on the question ‘Would a ‘Brexit’ be bad news for London’s bankers and lawyers?’ The impact of leaving the EU on our legal and financial professions was discussed by leading figures from the law, politics and business, including such questions as: If Britain leaves the EU, will the banks relocate their workforces from London? Will lack of EU harmonisation make life difficult for British businesses operating in Europe? Will the UK regain its sovereignty or will it in fact lose influence over the development of the Eurozone and EU law?  Rhodri (a member of the Steering Group of Lawyers IN for Britain) and Mark Boleat (Policy Chairman, City of London Corporation) proposed the motion, which was opposed by Lord Norman Lamont (Working Peer, and Vice President of the Eurosceptic Bruges Group) and Eric Phillips (Committee member, Lawyers for Britain). The debate was chaired by Axel Threlfall (Editor, Reuters).  Votes were taken before and after the debate, with the majority in favour increasing from 67% to 72% after the debate. For more information about the event, please click here.

The effects of leaving the EU on legal and financial services

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