Matrix LGBT+ Alliance

Matrix’s LGBT+ Alliance is our internal LGBT+ network. Read on to find out more.


Matrix’s LGBT+ Alliance exists to be a safe and welcoming space for LGBT+ members, trainees and staff, as well as allies, to share experiences and discuss relevant issues. It is also a social group, creating additional opportunities for LGBT+ individuals at Matrix to network and socialise with colleagues and clients in a comfortable and inclusive environment.

Diversity & Inclusion

The LGBT+ Alliance is open to all, including marginalised and underrepresented LGBT+ groups and those with multiple/intersecting identities.

In addition to welcoming people who are allies to the LGBT+ community, members of the LGBT+ Alliance themselves aim to act as allies to other marginalised groups, both within and outside of the LGBT+ community. We seek to address all kinds of LGBT+ phobia, including biphobia and transphobia, as well as calling out other forms of discrimination, including racism, sexism etc. We are also committed to amplifying the voices of marginalised and underrepresented LGBT+ groups, by creating an environment where LGBT+ voices are heard, and by using our platform to promote diversity.

When we hold LGBT+ Alliance events, we will take steps to ensure they are as accessible as possible, for example, by choosing wheelchair accessible venues. We will also make every effort to ensure there is diversity on panels at events and to hold events that engage with the intersection of LGBT+ identities and other diversity strands.

Finally, the LGBT+ Alliance will seek to collaborate with a diverse range of organisations to deliver events, initiatives, or funding.

Taking Action

To achieve our purpose, and to act in line with our commitment to diversity and inclusion, the LGBT+ Alliance works to an action plan, which includes reviewing our compliance with the FreeBar Charter.


FreeBar (a Bar-wide network aiming to foster inclusion and support for LGBT+ people working as and with barristers) is working on a Visibility Project, which it is hoped will be published in 2022. In the meantime, in line with commitment 10 of the FreeBar Charter, below is some further information about members of and allies to Matrix’s LGBT+ community, as well as some examples of the work Matrix has done relating to LGBT+ issues.

A few of the members and champions of Matrix’s LGBT+ community…