Matrix recognises the climate emergency and biodiversity crisis, and the seriousness and urgency of the threats posed to our society.

In recognition of this, Matrix has committed to taking immediate and continued action to mitigate as far as possible our impact on the environment, and to adapt to a more sustainable model of working within our organisation.

This action is one of Matrix’s overall key strategic objectives for 2021-2024 and is in line with one of Matrix’s longstanding core values of minimising our impact on the environment.

Our commitments

We commit to:

  1. Decreasing our Scope 1 and 2 carbon emissions to reach net zero carbon by or before the end of 2025.
  2. Taking active steps to reduce our Scope 3 emissions as far as reasonably possible by the end of 2025.
  3. Regularly assessing the impact of our activities on the environment and reporting annually on our success against commitments 1 and 2.
  4. Engaging members and staff in decisions relating to our impact on the climate and encouraging our members and staff to live in more environmentally sustainable ways.
  5. Seeking to use the law where possible to advance and support environmental protection and to protect against environmental degradation and increasing carbon emissions.
  6. Collaborating with others, both within and outside the legal sector, to achieve these commitments.

Our Green Committee

The Green Strategy and Matrix’s progress on Actions 1-6 above are overseen by the Green Committee which is made up of a cross-section of staff and barristers. We have action plans in place that include clear targets and the committee reports regularly to the Management Committee on our progress.

The Green Committee aims to:

  • Act as ‘Green Champions’, modelling and encouraging environmentally sustainable practices at Matrix
  • Question current practices that may not be environmentally sustainable and put in place action plans to address such issues
  • Collect, share and assess ideas regarding environmental initiatives
  • Communicate with members and staff about Matrix’s green initiatives and projects, and liaise with external groups/organisations
  • Report on progress against Actions 1 to 6 on a regular basis

Matrix’s Green strategy

You can read the full Strategy here.

Bar Sustainability Network

Matrix is a founder member of the Bar Sustainability Network and we have signed up to the Bar Renewables Pledge. By taking the pledge, we have reinforced our commitment to switching to 100% renewable electricity for our UK premises as soon as possible, and by 2025 at the latest.

Bar Sustainability Network - Environment

Bar Renewables Pledge