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Court: Northern Ireland Queens Bench Division

Police Service of Northern Ireland decision to terminate 2014 investigation into the “interrogation in depth” of detainees in 1971 quashed

McGuigan’s & Anor’s Application for Judicial Review, Re [2017] NIQB 96

This case concerns the ‘Hooded Men’, 14 men from Northern Ireland who were subjected to interrogation techniques in 1971, including prolonged hooding, referred to as “the five techniques”. Their treatment led to the case of Ireland v. UK, determined by the ECtHR in the 1970s. The applicants were one of the Hooded Men, and the […]

Unqualified allegation of safeguarding issues considered defamatory

Kelly v Facebook Ireland Ltd & Anor (BUR10442)

A defamation claim was submitted in accordance with the Defamation Act 1996, s 2 and 4(2), relating to certain words used and published on the Facebook page “Concerned Parents of De La Salle”. The court could not support the submission by the defendants as to the meaning they attributed to the postings as they related […]