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Court: Employment Appeal Tribunal

EAT overrules ET’s strike out decision as Judge acted Wednesbury unreasonably

This case concerns the ET’s decision to strike out the case of a disabled litigant in person at a pre-hearing review because of his failure to comply with case management directions. The Claimant suffered from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, stress and depression. The claimant arrived at the Tribunal shortly after the decision to strike out all […]

EAT overturns ET’s strike out decision in a constructive dismissal claim

Atkinson v Community Gateway Association UKEAT/0457/12/BA

The claimant alleged that he was the victim of constructive dismissal and brought proceedings against the respondent at the ET. The claimant alleged that he suffered a detriment at the result of a public interest disclosure (PID). The detriment was said to have been caused by the respondent’s chief executive officer and vice-chair. The ET […]