Category: Students’ work

Sisay’s week at Matrix

Work experience at Matrix Chambers was very insightful. Before hand, I was not sure how barristers would have to prepare for cases and execute them in court, and so, the trips to the Royal Courts of Justice was great to see how it would be done. As well as this, I had the opportunity to […]

Will’s week at Matrix

The Bar has been an ambition of mine for about 2 years, and work experience at Matrix proved to be an extremely good way of consolidating my passion for the law. First walking through the doors of Matrix, I was extremely anxious to know what I would be doing for the next week in chambers. […]

Laura talks about her week at Matrix

I have always been interested in having a legal career, from enjoying a little debate every now and then to watching courtroom dramas. Yet, I did not have much knowledge to get a clear idea of exactly what type of jobs are available in the law sector. Having completed a one week work experience placement […]