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Category: Students’ work

Tamyah’s week at Matrix

Despite my parents coming from a Maths and Psychology background, law for a long time now has fascinated me as it is the bedrock of our society. It manages to protect us, whilst penalising those that don’t abide by it and provides the structure that every functioning society needs. I became aware of the law […]

“I learnt a lot about how Matrix as a chambers works”

When I first entered the building on Monday, I was so nervous about my work experience as I was entering a place I had never been before and felt uncomfortable. Then when I went to reception, I was greeted by the receptionist who was so kind even though I arrived late due to train delays. I met Eric at […]

Rasheel talks about her work experience week

To begin with, I would like to thank everyone at Matrix who has made me feel welcomed and for giving me this amazing opportunity. It has been incredible to be exposed to many phases of law here, from seeing the perspective of both the upkeep of the staff and Barristers. I started off this week […]

Riya talks about her work experience week

Law has always been an interest in my family with my father studying law at university and older brothers who were both interested in it. This meant that from a young age, I have had exposure to different areas of the profession and thought that the best way to decide what I wanted to do […]

Ben talks about his work experience week

Since the age of 9, I have always been interested in law as a whole, with a father from the police force it was a common occurrence to discuss current cases and affairs. This was only heightened by the hours I spent watching courtroom dramas alongside visiting courtrooms. As I developed physically and mentally I […]