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Matrix Brexit Hub


Welcome to our Brexit Hub. Here you will find the latest news, articles and commentary from Matrix members concerning the legal implications of the UK’s vote to leave the European Union, after the referendum on 23 June 2016. They offer assistance with some of the practical issues which may arise, and try to anticipate some of the solutions to the uncertainty that lies ahead. If you have any feedback or would like to be added to our mailing list for Brexit articles, please mail

Article Series

In the run up to the referendum, Matrix produced a number a free, downloadable articles on several topics concerning the implications of the UK leaving the EU. Our experts at Matrix have covered the legal enforceability of the recent EU settlement, election law issues and the referendum process, and immigration and security issues. The briefings are still available below.

  1. Rhodri Thompson QC – The impact of EU law on the ‘sovereignty’ of the United Kingdom and its Parliament
  2. Claire Darwin – The New Settlement Agreement
  3. Gavin Millar QC & Anthony Fairclough – The Law of the EU Referendum
  4. Sir Paul Jenkins QC (Hon) – The Post-23 June Process
  5. Nick Armstrong – Immigration and Brexit
  6. Aidan O’Neill QC (Scot) – Scotland and Brexit
  7. Mark Summers QC and Angeline Welsh – The Impact of Brexit on UK Security
  8. Nicholas Randall QC – Brexit and Premier League Transfers
  9. Dr Erik Lagerlof – Brexit and the WTO Agreement
  10. Rhodri Thompson QC – Remaining and Reforming the EU

In addition, Rhodri Thompson QC has been featured in Counsel Magazine debating the case of remaining in the EU. The article can be found on their website here.





Articles & Downloads

Brexit: Challenges for the UK in negotiating an FTA with the EU (a trade negotiator’s perspective) by Luis González García

Narrowing the trade options The challenges ahead for the United Kingdom (UK) will depend on the trade model adopted. As I understand, the UK government is seeking to achieve deep economic integration with the European Union (EU) and at the same time ‘maximum freedom’ to negotiate trade agreements with third countries.  If this becomes the […]