Author: Sara Thomson

Mariam’s week at Matrix

Thank you to all at Matrix who have allowed me to gain an insight into law, in such an exciting scherzo of areas. Much to the dismay of my Economics teacher, this week did not involve making tea for barristers or carrying their bundles around London. My week began with an induction from Alice and […]

Akirha’s week at Matrix

I arrived at Matrix chambers on the Monday morning and was kindly greeted by Lindsay who gave me an introduction and introduced me to the staff who work at Matrix Chambers. When I arrived I was really nervous and taciturn however everyone was very welcoming and I was already allocated a desk, where I would […]

Imogen talks about her week at Matrix

I arrived at Matrix Chambers on Monday morning excited to start my week of work experience. I spent the morning meeting the staff and working on tasks at one of the desks in the office. Everybody that I spoke to from first thing on Monday morning right the way through to Friday afternoon was friendly, […]

Amelia’s week at Matrix

My week at Matrix has been thoroughly enjoyable and informative. Having just applied to study law at university, I was already sure that I wanted to pursue a career in law, and this week has confirmed and strengthened that ambition. I was nervous before I started, but once I arrived I realised I had nothing […]