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Author: Rachel Murray

Charlotte talks about her week at Matrix

I arrived at Matrix on Monday morning feeling considerably nervous, but these nerves were soon expelled as I was greeted kindly by the receptionist, Carrie, and introduced to the other work experience student. We were then given an introductory talk by Alice, the HR and Office manager, and made to feel very welcome as we […]

Denisa talks about her week at Matrix

The Matrix experience had been promoted to me by some of my teachers and fellow students-who had previously attended- as soon as I had suggested that I would be interested in law. I was informed that Matrix would provide me with a very realistic picture of a Barrister’s role in the court and what other […]

Mashal’s week at Matrix

I’ve always been intrigued by the way our society is progressing and managed with laws and regulations. To develop a deeper understanding and build more knowledge on LAW and the position of a barrister, Matrix Chambers was a great platform for me to experience and explore with such excitement from the moment I walked in […]

“My week at Matrix Chambers has been absolutely inspirational”

My week at Matrix Chambers has been absolutely inspirational, as I have been allowed to gain a direct experience which has provided an insight into what life really is like being a barrister. As a student wanting to study law at university, this has massively given me further incentive to pursue the career with more […]