Author: Lindsay Clarke

Getting to know Alexis, aged 17.

This week, we interviewed one of our Work Experience students, Alexis, to find out more about her and her experiences of working at Matrix for the week. Tell us a bit about yourself, Alexis. My name is Alexis Orias. I am 17 years old and I study IB. My subjects are English, Spanish, Maths, Biology, […]

Isabelle’s busy week at Matrix

It was a busy week for Isabelle, aged 16, who is currently doing her A-Levels. This is what she got up to: “My week at Matrix has been extremely interesting! On Monday morning, after meeting the two other work experience girls, Nicole and Alexis, we had a brief talk about the chambers and then went […]

Interview with our Work Experience, Michael

Each week we try and have a quick chat with our Work Experience students. This week we found out a little more about Michael who spent the week with us. 1. How did you first find out about the work experience programme and how did you apply? I first heard about Matrix’s work experience programme […]

Work Experience: Providing Access to Unique Opportunities

The summer months are always quite quiet at Matrix with many of our barristers going away. As a result, we don’t offer work experience in these months as there isn’t much for individuals to do or see. However, the autumn term is now in full swing and we were delighted to welcome Natalie to the […]

Sorcha’s week at Matrix

During my week doing Work Experience at Matrix, I have participated in a range of activities and tasks, exploring all different areas of law. On two occasions I went to court; one case was a Judicial Review and the other was a procedural case on the subject of the Iraqi war. Both were completely different […]