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Legal Aid Link

About the Legal Aid Link

The Legal Aid Link (LAL) is an internet based resource designed especially for legal aid professionals. Its aim is to enable those working in the legal aid field to manage their cases, share information and develop campaigns. Uniquely, it offers individuals or organisations the opportunity to easily develop and customise their own resource to suit their needs. Information can either be shared with all LAL users or restricted to selected people, ensuring security of sensitive or privileged information.

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Setting up an Account

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How does it work and who might use it?

The LAL is designed in a similar way to social networking sites in that it enables a user to set up an area on the site – a ‘community’. The user can then manage information on that community and who has access to that information.

Imagine you work as an adviser in a law centre and you want a quick way to share information with your client and the agency you are referring your client’s case to. You can create a community for your case and invite your client and solicitor to join it. You can create a place in your community to upload any documents, questions, hearing dates, case law and so on. Everything is contained in one place on the internet, accessible anytime, anywhere.

You may want updates on matters of law and policy in your area of practice. The LAL enables you to view content developed and shared by others in the field and promote best practice and partnership working.

Alternatively, you may be working in a financially challenging environment in the legal aid field and want access to a free resource that you can customise to fill a gap in your IT infrastructure.

The LAL is an easily adaptable tool.

If you have any problems or would like to request more information please e-mail:


Legal Aid Link