Aaliya Week at Matrix

The idea of work experience here at Matrix was both exciting and daunting. However, upon meeting everyone at the office and having inductions with different departments, the intimidation of being surrounded by professionals eased as everyone was more than welcoming. During my time at Matrix, the Fees & Finance looked after us and provided us with our daily itinerary. Eric, who is in the Fees & Finance department, showed us how his job works and explained the different types of financing barristers use. This was then followed up with a task that allowed me to understand the importance of the department further and the responsibilities a self-employed barrister has. Later, we met the facilities team. One of the members, Idris, gave us a tour of the buildings and a look into what a barrister’s office may look like. Additionally, we met with James, the assistant practice manager for Team X, who shed light on the importance of his role. I learnt how an assistant practice manager acts as a sort of middleman between solicitors and barristers as well as managing a barrister’s schedule. Providing some insight into not only his day-to-day but also a barrister’s day-to-day. Despite the busy first day, we were fortunate enough to have a coffee with barrister trainee Catherine, who was able to answer all our questions and misconceptions.  

On the second day, we had the opportunity to go to the Supreme Court to observe Gavin Millar KC. It was interesting to see barristers presenting their cases to such a high court, as they deliver their cases with such clarity and conviction. At first, I found it quite difficult to follow the proceeding and legal terminology as it was an area in which I was completely unfamiliar; however, aside from that, I was able to follow the case and understand what was happening. On the third day, we observed barrister James Laddie KC on his case; at first, I wasn’t sure what to expect as that area of law is not something that I even considered. However, observing the case and the oral accuracy of James’ argument, I found it to be quite intriguing and something that I wish to explore further.

During the last day, we observed barrister Clare Montgomery KC; while the legal jargon was difficult to keep up with, it didn’t diminish my understanding of the case. I thought this case was interesting as the barristers would go into such technicalities to argue their cases to draw a bigger picture. We also had to prepare and complete an interview; first, hearing about it, I was quite nervous; however, I was given 45 minutes to prepare my argument, during which I developed my confidence, ensuring that I had an argument that was well-developed.