Simran’s Week at Matrix

I chose Matrix’s work experience scheme to further my knowledge about the law profession, in particular, becoming a barrister. After researching the chambers I realised that Matrix would be the perfect choice for me.


Prior coming to Matrix I was uncertain to what I would be doing over the next few days as this would be my first time doing any law related work experience. However those nervous feelings were quickly transformed into excitement after being warmly greeted by the receptionists, and then Lindsey.  I then became acquainted with the other two students I was working with, Charlotte and Daniel. After, we had a chat with Lindsey on what to expect and then were introduced to Nandini and Zoe, who are members of the Legal Support Service (LSS) for Matrix. Then, they introduced us to the rest of the LSS who were a lovely team. After lunch us three were taught by Nandini and Zoe how to research previous cases using Westlaw and Lexis. This provided insight on how to look up cases and was very helpful. Overall the first day made me feel confident in what the next few days would feel like and made me more confident in wanting to become a barrister.


My second day started off by going to a coffee shop with Nandini and Zoe. We spent the morning conversing about how they got into law and the steps they took. We learnt that Zoe is a barrister in Australia and becoming a junior barrister at Matrix in a few months. Also that Nandini studied English at university and became inspired to become a barrister at the time of the Black Lives Matter movement in 2020, thus taking the GDL which is the law conversion course, spanning across a year. I became inspired by the fact I could choose which route I want to take in the future to become a Barrister, which, in some way, helped lift any stress of needing to choose the ‘right’ way for my future education and career choice. After asking several questions, we visited Lincoln’s Inn which is one of the four Inns of Court. It was beautiful. We walked through the library to take a further look. After, we made our way to Middle Temple Inn and also visited their library. In my opinion I preferred Lincolns Inn more because it was prettier. Finally, we went inside of the Royal Courts of Justice. The architecture was lovely and I felt thrilled as we were going to be there the next day to listen in to a court case. After lunch, we had to prepare for our interviews for the Future Lawyers scheme. My advice for this would be to not stress as the interviewers create a relaxing atmosphere and give helpful feedback for future interviews you will partake in.


My third day consisted of  going to the Royal Courts of Justice to sit in a case. After a chaotic walk to the court we finally entered. At first the case was hard to follow along, but after talking to Nandini about it, it was easier. To help, I would say to follow the skeletal arguments alongside the barrister’s speech, in order to have a better understanding.  Then, we broke for lunch and went to Pret with Nandini, where we spoke about university experiences and choices, and tips for personal statements. This helped as I am currently in year 12 and have very little knowledge on university application and UCAS.

DAY 4:

Today we are going back to court to listen to the defendant’s side of the case. However ,prior, we sat down and worked on our student blogs which had me reflect on my weeks experience. I am eager to listen to the rest of the case

Overall, this experience has been quite refreshing and has been very excitable!  I am more confident in wanting to become a barrister. I would 100% recommend this experience to anyone  with a passion and interest in the law sector.