Daniel’s Week at Matrix

Day 1

  • Introductions
    • On my first day, we received a warm welcome by Alice, which helped me settle the inevitable first day nerves.
    • We then got introduced to the LSS team, which consisted of Zoe and Nandini.
    • They took us around the office introducing us to each team. They outlined the areas they focused on. This showed me that there is more to just a barrister standing in court, all members play an extremely vital role.
    • We were then introduced to vital legal software, and were also able to learn about certain technicalities such as how each case is noted.
  • Research Tasks
    • Three research tasks were given to us. Each of them testing different skills.
  • Discussion
    • We were then able to discuss these ideas. Prompting us to go further in this analysis.

Write Up

After a longer than expect journey into London, I managed to find the Matrix building tucked into the corner of Gray’s Inn. On arrival to the office, we were given a warm welcome by Alice. Myself and my fellow work experience colleagues were given a rundown on what to expect for the upcoming week.

We were then introduced to the LSS Team, who were going to be looking after us for the next four days. They then took around the office, showing us where everything is, which was a nice way to get settled into a new environment. Afterwards, we got to meet all the clerks who were in the office. They told us about their role at matrix, which was eye opening, as I fully grasped the scale of the operation that goes into helping barristers work.

Shortly after this, we completed various tasks.  Upon completion of those tasks, we were then able to discuss these them with the LSS Team. We were able to get feedback on ideas and ask a multitude of questions to get a greater understanding.

 Day 2

  • Discussion with Nandini and Zoe
    • Extremely valuable discussion with legal professionals discussing a wide range of topics from, career paths to interesting cases to the different sectors of laws
  • Went to Lincoln’s Inn and The Royal Courts of Justice
    • Able to see the old great institutions, almost giving me a vision of where I may be in the future
  • Interview
    • Great exercise for me to improve interview skills, and orally demonstrating my ideas
    • Most valuable part was the feedback. Was given excellent constructive criticism on how I can improve my answers, putting me in greater stead for future interviews

Write Up

In the morning of the second day, we were able to have a sort of Q&A session with the LSS Team. We discussed a variety of things, from careers to interesting cases, to the differences between a solicitor and a barrister that we’ve seen. This was extremely valuable to me, as one of my aims for this work experience week, was to gain greater insight into the role of a barrister, which would help inform my later career decisions.

After this, we were taken to the Inns of Court. Firstly, it was great to see such amazing buildings. I was in awe of the libraries and the long winding corridors. Secondly, it gave me an insight into where I hope to be in the future.

This afternoon was spent preparing and doing my Future Lawyers Interview. This was a helpful exercise in building up interview skills. This feedback element was great as it gave me things to improve on, so that whenever I have an interview next, I have valuable experience to draw back on.