Charlotte’s Week at Matrix

Day 1:

On the first day of my work experience at Matrix Chambers, I was really nervous and unsure of what to expect. However, after walking through the reception I was greeted by the lovely receptionists and my nerves subsided. I was also really surprised by how modern the interior was.  After I had arrived, I met the two other students who were also doing work experience, and it was really nice to share the experience. I was introduced to Lindsay Clarke, who gave us a quick tour of the building and introduced us to the LSS team, who were really lovely and welcoming. Afterwards, we were given a brief interview into the role of a clerk. When then had our lunch break and headed to Leather Lane Market to explore the food options. Later on, we had an introduction into the role of the LSS team and the difference between case law and legislation. We were also shown the database, where all past case law and legislation is stored. Following on from this introduction we were given a few tasks to complete, using our new understanding on systems such as Westlaw.  My first day was really insightful and everyone was so friendly. Although I was nervous at first, I was welcomed in straight away and put at ease.

Day 2:

The second day of my work experience was really exciting because we had a coffee with Nandini and Zoë, who gave us an insight into their career into Law and their experience at university, which I found so helpful, as I would like to study Law at university. Then, we had a tour around central London with the LSS team and we explored the three out of the four Inns. My favourite Inn was Lincoln’s Inn, as its library was spectacular, something out of Harry Potter! We also visited the Royal Courts of Justice, which felt super surreal and made me realise what an exciting opportunity this work experience is. After our tour, we had a quick lunch break and we went to Levant Kitchen, which has such yummy wraps! Then we had our interview prep for the Future Lawyers Programme. I was really nervous at first, but Nandini and James really calmed me down and said there was nothing to worry about. After the interview was over, I received a lot of constructive criticism, which is invaluable for future interviews. Lastly, I read through the skeleton arguments for the claimant and defendant for the hearing we will be viewing in court tomorrow.

Day 3:

I was really excited for today as we would be attending a hearing in court! We had a rushed walk to court but eventually arrived and grabbed some seats in the court room. At first, I struggled to follow the barristers argument, however, as time progressed I got more aware of the arguments and legal jargon. My top tip would be to follow the skeletal arguments alongside the barrister’s speech, in order to have a better understanding.  Then, we broke for lunch and went to Pret with Nandini, where we spoke about university experiences and choices, and tips for personal statements. When lunch was over, we headed back to the court room to have a quick chat with a barrister from Matrix Chambers, to get a better insight of the case and the next steps. The claimant, finished his proposition, and then the intervenor stood up and introduced their points in regards to the case. The difference between the intervenor’s approach and the claimant’s approach was really interesting to watch and infer the difference in perspective. I also really loved watching the Judge ask the barristers questions and put them on the spot. I really loved this day; it made me excited to pursue my career as a barrister.

Day 4:

Today, we arrived early into the office to carry on with our student blogs, which I have found really fun to keep track about what I have been up to! After, we had finished our blogs, the other students and I walked down to court to listen to the last part of the hearing. This time, it was the defendant’s turn, which I was really excited to see. After, the defendant’s barrister has argued their case, the claimant will have a chance to respond to their comments, which is the part I am most excited for. I really loved watching the response to the defendants stance, and what I really found interesting, is how the intervenor was called upon for a response and the barrister made an argument completely impromptu.

Overall, I have really enjoyed my time at Matrix Chambers, as it has really increased my knowledge into the role of a barrister and how to become a barrister, and I have loved my time as the staff have been so incredibly kind and welcoming. The experience has given me a real insight into the legal world and I am so excited and determined to pursue my career in the legal world.