Ruby’s Week at Matrix

Day 1:

When I arrived at the Chambers, I automatically  recognised the strong work ethic present at Matrix. This is seen within the dynamics in the office, which everyone possesses, by being friendly, positive, and consistently engaged with their work, which I have recognised during my time here.

When I first arrived, after meeting Daisy and Romeo, whom I have shared this work experience with, we were given an induction with Alice, followed by a tour around the office where we met everyone and found out what their roles are at Matrix. After this, we sat with the ‘Fees and Finance’ team and learnt more about what their roles consist of. From this I learnt that the ‘Finance’ team is responsible for paying the operating costs of the Chambers, for example, salaries, building maintenance etc. The ‘Fees’ teams on the other hand are responsible for calculating the work done by the Barristers and then sending an invoice to the client/solicitor to pay for the Barristers fees, if a payment for their work is needed. Later on, we spoke to the legal support team who told us about their role and the importance of it for the barristers work, and ensuring everything runs accordingly.

Lastly, Daisy, Romeo, and I went to coffee with a trainee barrister who kindly gave us thorough information on all the questions we had. She also provided us with knowledge that we were not aware of, which greatly helped us to improve our understanding on how to become a barrister and what a career as a barrister involves.


Day 2&3:

Day 2 and 3 consisted of us going to the Royal Courts of Justice and watching a case which a Matrix Barrister was partaking in. Prior to this, we briefly met with the Barrister who kindly went over the case and helped us to understand it, so we then could understand what was happening in court. In addition to this, we were also provided with a folder which consisted of the skeleton arguments and key points that both sides of the case had, which was very valuable and interesting to read during the case. The first day of going to court involved listening to the opposing side and their argument, which I was not entirely aware of, this then also led into the second day. This was interesting because I was able to see what the opposing arguments involved and how the Barristers, especially the Barrister from Matrix, was able to react to this.


Day 4:

The morning of Day 4 involved us going to the court again and watching the other side disclose their arguments to the judge. This was valuable, as we were able to see how differently the opposing sides argued their cases and what this meant for the case, as well as gain a greater insight into the case and essential information which is involved in it. Overall, watching the court case was very useful and informative, especially due to the reason that I was able to see, in person, what cross-referencing involves and how important it is for Barristers in order to get their argument through. In addition to this I also gain valuable insight into the basic rules of going to Court, and what is expected when you arrive. This was interesting, as I was not aware of any of the rules and regulations that were involved and necessary in order to go to Court and witness a case.

In the afternoon of Day 4, we sat an interview for the Future Lawyers mentoring scheme. After this was done, to end the day and my work experience, we met with the Marketing department who gave us insight into what their role consists of and the importance of it for Matrix.

Overall, this work experience has been invaluable and very informative in allowing me to understand what Matrix Chambers does, and what my future may consist of if I choose to go down this route. Without this work experience, I would not have the level of understanding and awareness of the career of being a Barrister and how important their job is, as well as the other areas within Matrix, which are also equally important and significantly valuable for the Chambers to operate and be as successful as it is. I am very grateful to have been given this opportunity to experience this work experience.