Month: December 2023

Rowena’s Week at Matrix

In order for someone to fail to recognise the years of legal tradition that Matrix Chambers is steeped in, they would have to be either severely visually impaired (and thus obviously blind to the near-imperial historic buildings of Gray’s Inn, which essentially speak for themselves as a credit to the reputability of Matrix as a […]

Danielle’s Week at Matrix

Day 1 When I entered Matrix Chambers, I was welcomed instantly with kindness in such a modern and beautiful building by the receptionists Melanie and Christine. All the apprehension I had of attending a work experience placement disappeared, as every individual I met treated me and my peers with respect. The work environment was both […]

Lara’s Week at Matrix

I initially applied to work experience at Matrix after seeing some of their high-profile cases in the news: from the Russia v Ukraine case in the ICJ to the recent, monumental Rwanda ruling. Initially, I was apprehensive that such a well-esteemed chamber would be an unwelcoming, tense environment; fortunately, I could not be more wrong. […]