Mary’s Week at Matrix

On my first day at Matrix, I walked into the office with a mixture of excitement and nerves. However, any apprehension I felt quickly dissipated as I was warmly greeted by Melanie Decker and Christina Bacani, the friendly receptionists at the front desk. Their welcoming smiles and kind words immediately put me at ease, making me feel like I was a part of the matrix family. After a brief introduction, and some pleasant conversation, I was taken on a tour of the building, and shown the various departments and facilities. Later on the day I had the privilege of meeting Lindsay, who explained the purpose of the work experience program at Matrix. Lindsay shared insightful insights on why the program was designed to provide young individuals like me with a unique opportunity to explore the legal profession fostering a deeper understanding of the role of a barrister and other legal professions.

I was then introduced to different teams within Matrix, the first team I was introduced to was the fees team, led by Chloe Mahon, the Head of Finance, and Eric Ofri-Darko, the Assistant fees manager. We were then sat with Eric and he was incredibly knowledgeable and took the time to educate me about the intricate workings of the legal profession, including the concept of the Kings Counsel and the varying fees that barristers charge for their services which depends on their experience and how good of a barrister they are. I was fascinated to learn about the different legal charities and their significant roles in aiding clients who require legal assistance, shedding light on the compassionate side of the legal world.

Furthermore they explained the meticulous process of matching clients with the right barristers and intricacies of billing for expenses such as water and electricity. What particularly struck me was the transparency in the financial arrangements at matrix. This approach showcased matrix chambers’ commitment to fostering a fair and supportive environment for its Barristers, which I found truly impressive. I was then given a task to complete and test my knowledge when it comes to the finance and the various legal charities. My experience with the fees team provided valuable insights into the financial dynamics of the legal profession.

I was then introduced to the legal support service team, and it became evident that their role was pivotal in assisting the members of the chambers. They were responsible for providing research and support whether it involved finding legal information, preparing bundles of authorities for court cases, or conducting more in-depth research. Their contribution to the barristers’ work was invaluable. One of the tasks they assigned me was the “Vard V Rooney” case. It was a fascinating assignment, as I had previously come across this case in newspapers. Reading the articles and developing into the legal aspects of the case, particularly regarding the defamation act 2013 and the intricacies of citations, was truly enlightening. It was a practical and hands on experience that allowed me to connect theoretical legal knowledge with real-world cases. My time with the legal support service team was a valuable part of my experience, as it provided me with a glimpse into the critical role research plays in the legal field.

Attending the Royal courts of justice on Tuesday was the highlight of my work experience here at matrix. I arrived at matrix and had met both barristers who were going to present the case that very day in the Royal Courts of Justice, Toby Fisher and David Wolfe KC. Both Barristers explained their roles in depth and gave us a summary of the case. Seeing the barristers in action was truly exciting; they presented their arguments with remarkable passion and eloquence. I took notes during the hearing at the Royal courts of justice, trying to capture the key points and legal arguments made by both sides. I also had the opportunity to interact with the solicitors involved in the case. They emphasized the importance of teamwork and collaboration with barristers to construct a compelling legal argument.

I had the opportunity to interact with the marketing team, which included Venetia Tate, the marketing executive, and Joanna Colton, the marketing manager. They provided a valuable glimpse into their roles within matrix and their responsibilities in promoting Matrix. Venetia and Joanna explained that their team plays a critical role in handling all aspects of matrix’s promotion and marketing efforts. This includes not only raising the profile of the chambers but also working alongside other staff members to develop comprehensive marketing and business development strategies. Their collaborative approach ensures that matrix’s image and message are effectively communicated both internally and externally.

I was particularly impressed to learn that they serve as the first point of contact for press inquiries, emphasising the importance of their work in maintaining the chambers reputation and keeping the public informed. It was clear that their dedication and expertise were instrumental in shaping the chambers’ image and ensuring its continued success. The marketing team assigned me a creative task that I thoroughly enjoyed. I was tasked to design my own campaign poster in recognition of a national awareness day, and I had chosen national martin Luther king day as the subject of my poster. This task not only encouraged my creative skills but also highlighted the chambers’ commitment to fostering awareness and understanding of critical social issues. My time with the marketing team shed light on the multifaceted nature of their roles and the crucial role they play in the legal profession.

I wholeheartedly recommend this program to aspiring individuals who are keen on pursuing a career in the legal profession. The exposure of different departments from the barristers to the marketing team to the finance team really makes you think about what you would like to do in the future, and allows you to understand what the profession entails.