Havin’s Week at Matrix

Day 1:

My day began with meeting Lindsay, who kindly gave us a very informative and engaging induction of the chambers. Shortly after, I was introduced, and warmly welcomed by the finance team, which was the amazing group that helped me during my week at Matrix. They were an extremely nice and caring team, which I loved being a part of for the week, and I liked that I was able to experience my week at Matrix with them. Initially I was quite surprised by the sense of community and close relationships everyone at the chambers had, as everyone worked collaboratively, and through the high level of teamwork it showed me why Matrix chambers has been such a successful set of chambers.

Through having introductions and conversations with different departments and teams, such as the practice desk and the equity and inclusion team, it showed me the high sense of coordination and teamwork, in place here at Matrix. I particularly enjoyed these conversations, as I was able to understand what other aspects go into play at a set of chambers. Moreover, my peer and I had the opportunity to then go for coffee with Mariyam, a current barrister at Matrix, where we explored and discovered how the pathway into law is not through one route only, and how everyone can have different routes and experiences in the bar. I particularly enjoyed this conversation, as it gave me a greater insight into what to expect in the barrister profession if I also become successful at obtaining a pupillage in the future. Through her advice that she also provided, like on the importance of academics and working hard it highlighted to me things I should also aim to do and look for, upon applying for pupillage.


Afterwards, through receiving some tasks from various departments, like research task on legal aid and types of funding for cases, it helped deepen my knowledge in how funding for barristers operates from clients who are disadvantaged and unable to provide, whereby the government would provide for them. Through completing a task from the equity, diversity, and inclusion team it also presented to me what Matrix does to help tackle discrimination and inequality within the chambers and at the bar. Overall, my first day was very informative and insightful, and I really enjoyed meeting everyone and completing the tasks, as through working and completing them it helped me truly understand the high expectations and standards present at Matrix.


Day 2:

On my second day I had the opportunity to attend court and witness a case for the day, in which we were warmly welcomed and walked to court with the barrister Nick Armstrong KC. He was very engaging, entertaining, and helped us to grasp a better understanding of the case as we made our way to the court. Throughout the day we observed both sides which presented their arguments, and it helped us to understand what truly operates in a courtroom, and how it is not the same to what the films portray it to be. I enjoyed my time in court, as it showed me the true aspects and components to a barrister, which I aspire to become in the future. Overall, our second day was spent watching this very interesting case, and through having the opportunity to communicate and converse with Nick before and after the case where he provided me with some very valuable insights and advice for my journey to the bar, it really helped show me that a career in the bar is what I would like to keep pursuing.


Day 4:

Due to being unable to come in for day three, which would have been another day at court, my day four consisted of me attending court again to observe another case, which was presented by Hugh Southey KC. It was very enjoyable to meet him, as he informed us briefly on the case and was very kind. This case was very different to Tuesdays, as it was a very busy courtroom with around 12 barristers, and various other legal professionals. I particularly enjoyed this case as it was a more complicated, which I appreciated that I could witness and be a part of. On the whole, both days where I had the opportunity to attend court and witness great cases were very exciting and through them being presented by very talented and experienced barristers, it assisted me to understand the components and preparations required by barristers on a court day, and what that day consists of for them. This also helped remove any wrong perceptions I had previously, and through being able to meet and converse with them, it presented to me what it is truly like to be a barrister, and the extreme level of hard work and preparation that it would require.


On my final day, I had been tasked with finishing off all my tasks and work that I had been set previously, alongside with preparing for the mock interview, which was set to proceed after lunch. After working on my tasks worked, I began preparing for my interview to enable me to make a positive representation and introduction of myself to the members who conducted my interview. The interview went quite well, and I really liked having the experience, which would be very helpful for future interviews I experience.

Overall, my time at Matrix was just outstanding and unforgettable. I was treated with great kindness and warmth throughout, and because the entire team was always present to assist and provide me with the tasks and help, I needed, I was able to do my best work and make the most of the experience. I will always remember and cherish this week and hope to return to Matrix because it is such a wonderful place to be at. Therefore, I would highly recommend to everyone, who may be interested in any career in law to apply to Matrix and experience everything I experienced this week.