Raffi’s Week at Matrix

After years of delay and rearrangement due to covid and other commitments I was relieved and grateful to finally be doing work experience at Matrix. Having faced navigational obstacles I was glad to arrive at Matrix. I was warmly welcomed in reception and Lindsay kindly reassured any nerves myself or Havin (who I did my […]

Havin’s Week at Matrix

Day 1: My day began with meeting Lindsay, who kindly gave us a very informative and engaging induction of the chambers. Shortly after, I was introduced, and warmly welcomed by the finance team, which was the amazing group that helped me during my week at Matrix. They were an extremely nice and caring team, which […]

James Tam’s Week at Matrix

Day 1 Upon arriving Matrix, my nervousness was immediately eased after meeting the lovely receptionists Melanie Decker and Christine Bacani, who were extremely friendly. After I got to know my work experience partner Natalia, we had a brief induction session with Alice Brighouse, the Equality and Inclusion manager at Matrix. We talked about the core […]