Molly’s Week At Matrix

This week of work experience at Matrix chambers has been incredibly invaluable and has dispelled the myth that barristers, being self-employed, work alone. I have gained an understanding in to the inner workings of a chamber and the staff necessary for barristers to carry out their daily jobs. This experience has definitely further solidified my interest in a career in law and so I would like to thank Matrix for offering such a remarkable opportunity.

On our first day, we were warmly welcomed and introduced to the various teams within the office, including the legal support service team, the fees and finance team, HR, the marketing team, practice managers and receptionists. We then prepared for the upcoming day with the skeleton arguments for the case that we would be observing, in order to become familiar with the key arguments of the hearing. That afternoon we went for cake and coffee with Jack Boswell and Abiodun Olatokun, the trainees, during which we were able to bombard them with as many questions as we’d like.

On our second day, we were fortunate enough to be able to observe David Wolfe KC, a barrister at Matrix, in a case at the High Court and observe the proceedings. It was a surreal experience to be able to view the case and later converse about it with David, the junior barristers, and the solicitors working on the case, as well as being able to witness the protesters outside demonstrating for the very case we had just seen.

On the third day, we went back to the court to conclude the case – but unfortunately we will have to wait several more weeks before we find out the verdict. We then spent the rest of the afternoon  speaking with David and his team in which we learnt of their own experiences as lawyers and the tips they’d give to those wanting to get into the field.

On our last day at the chambers, we completed the tasks assigned to us throughout the week that allowed us to gain insight into every aspect of Matrix. We then had our final lunch at the nearby market before participating in a mock interview. This was a valuable experience because we got a feel of what it would truly be like and also reflect on both our interview skills and what made us want to pursue a career in law in the first place.