Meagan’s week at Matrix

Day 1: We were introduced to different departments when we arrived. The first one was the fees and finance department which was also the one I found the most interesting as I want to do law with business. We got to know different funding types and how a bill is calculated, for example, legal aid, private case, and CFAs. After that, we did some legal tasks and prepared for our mock interview. In the afternoon, we were given a tour near the chambers where Richard (one of the Office Assistants) introduced the history of the buildings and what influence it has on the chambers nowadays.

Day 2: Day 2 began with the introduction to the marketing department by Venetia. We get to know different events, podcasts, and webinars that Matrix is currently doing to promote their barristers. After that, we moved on to an EDI task with Alice in which we wrote a proposal for a campaign. In the afternoon, we were introduced to the LSS department. Rebecca gave us some advice on the future law pathway which I found helpful. At the end of the day, we had our future lawyers scheme interview, which was a really great opportunity to practise our communication and presentation skills.

Day 3: We were not able to come to the chambers on Wednesday due to the rail strike. However, we still managed to do some case reading, which helped us to get a deeper understanding of the public law case that we were going to watch the next day.

Day 4: On Thursday, we were given a wellbeing task to do before going to the court. After that, we spent the rest of our day at the Royal Courts of Justice to sit in on an appeal about the financial support of modern slavery. It was very impressive to see how barristers present their arguments and how they respond to the judges. I was amazed by how detailed and accurate the documents are. It gave us a great insight into life inside courtrooms. We then had a chat with the barrister after the hearing and he shared his past.

Day 5: We spent a short time in the Inner London Crown Court during our last day. It was fascinating to see how many pre-hearings needed to be done before the real trial. During this criminal law case, I noticed that their style of presentation is quite different due to the specific area of law. At the end of the day, we went for a coffee with one of the trainee barristers working at Matrix chambers. She gave us some really great ideas about pursuing a career in law.

Looking back to this week, I just want to say a HUGE thank you to every outstanding staff member and barrister at Matrix Chambers. This work experience has really given me a clear insight into many aspects of the chambers.