Matthew’s week at Matrix Chambers

After weeks of anticipation of what work at Matrix chambers would be like, I finally experienced it when I walked through the glass doors into the Chambers itself. On my first day, I was warmly welcomed by Lindsay Clarke, who gave me a tour of the office where I would be working for the next […]

Eliza’s Week at Matrix

Day 1: First we were introduced to the team, everybody was welcoming and nice. Then we spent time in the Fees and finance department where it was explained to us how legal aid works, what CFAs are and pro bono work. Any inquiries we had were answered in a clear manner. Also gave me an […]

Anya’s Week At Matrix

‘Every barrister wants to have their offices round here’, says Idris as he warmly shows us around the new developments and the grounds. This is Gray’s Inn. This is where you want to be as a lawyer or, rather, where you aspire to end up. Though Idris was referring to the area, he might as well have […]

Toni’s week at Matrix

Day 1) I enjoyed the time we spent with fees and finance this morning. We looking into different forms of fees for legal counsel i.e. legal aid, private cases and pro bono work. The mock interview tasks were very interesting because I had never done anything like it before. I liked how the task was […]

Meagan’s week at Matrix

Day 1: We were introduced to different departments when we arrived. The first one was the fees and finance department which was also the one I found the most interesting as I want to do law with business. We got to know different funding types and how a bill is calculated, for example, legal aid, […]