Alex’s week at Matrix

My week at Matrix was a wonderful experience. On the first day at Matrix, we were greeted by the incredibly friendly receptionists who made us feel very welcomed. Then we met with Dan who showed us around the office and gave us a basic induction, while Alice continued this and ensured that we were comfortable and had all the equipment we needed. After doing some research on a recent case we were then given a research task to help us get used to using the website WestLaw. It was fascinating to learn about how many members at Matrix were involved in such a high profile case. Idris then gave us a tour of Gray’s Inn and introduced us to the current developments that are going on, and when we came back, we worked on a marketing research task.. We ended the day by having a conversation with two current trainees, Radha and Rosalind, in order to understand the various paths one can take in  the Law and how they are funded, as well as the many different sectors of Law that are available to work in. Overall, it was a very insightful day, and all the staff we encountered were incredibly friendly and helpful, answering any questions we may have had.

On the second day we were taken to watch as hearing at the General Dental Council. Jamas Hodivala, a barrister on the defense, introduced us to the background of the hearing and welcomed the many questions we had about the case. The hearing was incredibly interesting to watch, and I am very grateful to have had an insight into the day of a barrister.

On the third day we learnt about how the fees and finances of Matrix are managed, and even got an insight into how barristers are paid We then tried out some fees and admin tasks ourselves, and I got an insight into how difficult booking flights and hotels can be! In the afternoon we had our interviews for the Future Lawyers scheme, in which we were given a choice of four statements, and had to argue for or against the statement (all of which were very topical). This was incredibly interesting as it gave us the opportunity to do our own independent research and present our own arguments. I was very grateful to have the opportunity to be interviewed, and Ross and Becky were both very encouraging and helpful throughout the whole process.

On the fourth day we were given the opportunity to go to the Royal Courts of Justice The barristers Ben Silverstone and Robbie Stern, representing the Home Office, were both incredibly friendly and gave us their skeleton argument to help us understand the case. The day gave me a wonderful insight into the traditions that are present in the courtroom, from the barristers’ wigs to standing up when the Judge enters and leaves the room.

The last day was possibly the most interesting day, as we had the privilege of watching another case at the Royal Courts of Justice, which appealed the decision of the UK government to send asylum seekers to Rwanda. We witnessed the arguments of the barristers representing the claimants, which were incredibly insightful and engaging, especially as the nature of the court proceedings related to a very topical subject that is current in today’s media. I am overall immensely grateful for the work experience opportunity I have been given at Matrix, and has made me incredibly keen to pursue a legal career.