Day: 5 October 2021

Moldovan extradition request rejected due to dangerous prisons

Florence Iveson, instructed by Lloyds PR solicitors, succeeded in preventing her client’s extradition to Moldova today following a contested extradition hearing.  After hearing evidence from 2 experts on prison conditions, the judge ruled that an improved assurance, offered following Tabuncic v Moldova [2021] EWHC 1269 (Admin), was still not sufficient to protect the requested person’s […]

Gavin Millar QC contributes to “Pandora Papers: Political Donors Exposed”

Gavin Millar QC contributed to last night’s BBC Panorama “Pandora Papers: Political Donors Exposed”. The programme drew on documentation about major donors to the Conservative Party contained in a leaked cache of documents from companies that create offshore companies and trusts. It raised questions about the sources of their wealth, the appropriateness of their donations […]